Just want to share with you several selections from the MIDNIGHT RAVER vinyl collection.  I’ve also included several selections shared by MIDNIGHT RAVER’S own Peter van Arnhem and regular contributor and Wailers vinyl collector Joe Bailes.

Here is a great B-side version of “Bad Card…”



A stellar tune titled “Freedom Time” b/w “Bend Down Low” on a Wail N Soul M-Pre label…



Bob Marley “Selassie Is The Chapel” b/w “A Little Prayer” M. Planno (1968) Blank.  Interestingly, Stephen Marley covered both “Freedom Time” and “Selassie Is The Chapel” on 2010’s Revelation Part I:  The Root of Life (outstanding versions by the way).

Our friend Werner at http://www.wailers.de has done some resaerch on this rare cut and he found some noteworthy facts:

“Re-working of “Crying In The Chapel”, written by Artie Glenn in the 20ies, recorded by his son Darell Glenn, a hit for Sonny Til and The Orioles in 1953, also recorded by Elvis Presley and a chart success in 1965. Adapted by Mortimer Planno.

Lead vocals by Bob Marley.
Harmonies by Peter Tosh, Rita Marley, Constantine Walker.
Kette drums by Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus, Peter Tosh on guitar.
Recorded at JBC Studio on June 8th 1968.

Jamaican 7-inch release: (Blank, white a-side and white b-side), 1968, a-side: Selassie Is The Chapel (Matrix: DYNA VR 238) (3,51) / b-side: A Little Prayer (limited to 26 copies with 12 sent to Ethiopia) There is a similar handwriting on all of the originals. A recording from this 7-inch is findable at “Original Acetates”. Another recording I have on rastaman collection I – Vol. 17 in EX-.

Jamaican 7-inch release: (Blank, white a-side and red b-side), 1978, a-side: Selassie Is The Chapel / b-side: A Little Prayer (limited release of circa 250) (Clive Chin told ND, that he repressed around 250 copies in 1978 for the Tuff Gong label. Because the original stamper was destroyed, the re-issue has the same skip as the single of which this release was made).”



Bob Marley & the Wailers “Punky Reggae Party” Jamaican 12″ vinyl single (Tuff Gong) 1977.  Produced by Lee “Scratch” Perry and recorded at Joe Gibbs Studio.  Sly Dunbar revealed in our recent interview that he played drums on this track.  Not appearing on any studio album, it was released in 1977 as a 12-inch single in Jamaica only on the Tuff Gong and Black Art labels, as a b-side to the “Jamming” single on the Island label in some countries and was later released as a live single on Babylon by Bus.

The song was written by Bob Marley as a positive response to the release of a cover version of Junior Murvin’s “Police and Thieves” by English punk band The Clash, on their first LP. The lyrics mention several punk and reggae groups: “The Wailers will be there, The Damned, The Jam, The Clash – Maytals will be there, Dr. Feelgood too”, and Marley denotes this new sound by shouting the words “New Wave” throughout the song.  Killer tune…




“Forever Loving Jah” B-side version…



“Screwface” b/w version (Tuff Gong)…



The Wailers “Redder Than Red” (Wail N Soul M) 1971…..



The Wailers  “I’m Gonna Put It On” b/w “Love Won’t Be Mine This Way” (Coxsone) 1965…


From Joe Bailes’ collection:

Rita Marley with “Time To Turn” b/w Peter Touch and the Chours (Peter Tosh and the Wailers) “Can’t You See” on the Supreme imprint…