Zion I Kings is one of the best reggae production teams in the world today.

As Zion I Kings prepares the release of their highly-anticipated Ras Teo project titled ‘Celestial Rockers Showcase,’ along with the long-awaited posthumous Akae Beka album ‘Polarities,’ Grammy-nominated bassist/producer David “JAH D” Goldfine emerges from his Zion High Productions (ZHP) recording studio to tell their story.

As co-founding member of ZHP and bassist/producer for Zion I Kings, JAH D is one of modern roots’ most ardent and respected torch-bearers. Along with I Grade Records and Lustre Kings Productions, ZHP has been the catalyst behind one of the most fascinating transformational periods for reggae in recent memory.  Their productions for the likes of Midnite, Akae Beka, Yami BoloLloyd BrownLutan Fyah, and Arkaingelle represent the very best in modern roots reggae – their sound an unapologetic firebrand of spirituality and reverence to Rastafari that is recognized by reggae fans the world over.

The story of ZHP is the story of reggae in America.  It is a story of commitment, persistence, an abiding faith in Rastafari, and an unwillingness to compromise regardless of the costs.  A bond between two bredren which was forged in a San Diego record shop more than twenty years ago is now the force behind one of the most respected and influential production houses in reggae, and one third of the roots collective largely responsible for the most inventive and transformational period for reggae in more than thirty years.  Zion I Kings is the holy trinity of modern roots reggae production – a seriously heavy production collective which includes Lustre Kings Productions (Andrew ‘Moon’ Bain), Zion High Productions (David “Jah David” Goldfine, Ras Elliott, Quashi) and I-Grade Records (Laurent “Tippy” Alfred).

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Do not miss their newest release, a 4-track riddim EP titled “YAD ON” which features stellar performances by Vaughn Benjamin, Marcus Gad, and Lutan Fyah…