“Many thanks to the folks at Midnight Raver for all their efforts to both catalogue and contextualize the vast array of Bob Marley and Reggae media online. A great resource for casual and super-fans alike… One Love!”  – Zach Weinberg, Tuff Gong Worldwide

“I like the MIDNIGHT RAVER website principally for the quality of information I can find there. This information is usually imparted in a way that combines the necessary enthusiasm with a measure of objectivity – particularly noticeable in the many interviews and career surveys. It definitely ranks high on my reggae bookmark list.” – Steve Barrow, Author, Record Label Chief (Blood & Fire)

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is a magnificent site featuring loads of information on artists who made reggae music great…” – Ray Hurford, SMALL AXE

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is my primary source for comprehensive and quality information on reggae music and the reggae music industry as a whole. I’ve always been particularly impressed by their emphasis on substance rather than hype.” – Carlton “Tetrack” Hines, Singer/Songwriter

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is a beloved treasury and archive of Jamaica’s reggae music, serving the world daily with articles, photos and videos of past and present reggae history – often exclusive to these pages. Nowhere else can I find the kind of in-depth information I get at MIDNIGHT RAVER.” – Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah, Jamaican author and filmmaker

“I man love the fact that Midnight Raver continues to build a platform for all reggae artists who choose to keep reggae music positive. They also have ’nuff credibility within the reggae community most of all great I-spect for the artists.” – Count Ossie, Jr., Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

“MIDNIGHT RAVER is the most satisfying way to get news about quality reggae—old and new, prominent and obscure—in the world these days. It also acts as a portal, featuring content from such notables as Dermot Hussey, Roger Steffens and Doug Wendt, with links to others. With an incredible archive of music and video, MIDNIGHT RAVER goes deep!” – Randall Grass, General Manager, Shanachie Entertainment

“Raver deadly with him words!” – Bob Andy, Singer/Songwriter

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