Here is an interesting listen to the recording of a reggae masterpiece.

Included here are several demo tracks from the Natty Dread sessions.  The set starts out with the Wailers’ Lee Jaffe laying down his signature harmonica sounds for “3 O’ clock Road Block.”  We also get Seeco flawlessly recording his percussion track for “So Jah Seh.”  The two “Revolution” demos at the end are so good they could have made the final cut of the album.  Priceless vibes here…

1. 3 O’clock Road Block Demo (Jaffe harmonica)
2. 3 O’clock Road Block Demo (riddim track)
3. So Jah Seh Demo (percussion)
4. Bend Down Low Demo
5. Lively Up Yourself (riddim track)
6. Revolution Alternate
7. Revolution Demo

London 1974
London 1974