This program features dub/specials/exclusives from David Rodigan, Jah Love/Gemini Sounds, King Jammys, Killamanjaro. Also featured are interviews with Roger Steffens, David Rodigan, Jah Wise of Tippa Tone, Ricky Trooper, Candyman, Froggy of Pieces & Modd Squad Sounds, and Albert Griffiths.

Is there an authentic Bob Marley Dubplate? Listen and find out. It also touches on the concept of the dubplate, the special, an exclusive, and soft wax.


Track Order:

1. David Rodigan Interview
2. Owen Gray & King Stitt, “On The Beach,” Dancehall ’63 LP, Studio One
3. King Jammy$ Sound, “Mellow mood” Dubplate/special
4. Froggy of Pieces & Modd Squad Sound, Interview
5. Roger Steffens Interview
6. Bob Marley, “Babylon Feel This One,” Gemini Sound, 1978
7. Ricky Trooper Interview
8. Killamanjaro vs. Poison Dart, 1995, “Bad card” Dubplate/special
9. David Rodigan Interview
10. Bob Marley, “Iron Lion Zion,” mixed by Shawnie B, 1997
11. David Rodigan vs. Katarock, “Crazy Baldheads,” Bunny Wailers Intro
12. Jah Wise of Tippa Tone Sound, Interview, April 2000
13. Albert Griffiths Interview, 2004
14. CandyMan Interview
15. CandyMan, “Alaska,” Marley Culture CD, Sweetbeat Records, 1998

Give thanks to Mr. Rich Lowe for putting this together and sharing through Podomatic.  Please check Rich at the Jamaica Way Reggae Podcast.