Listen up


“Now everywhere is War!”

“It’s up to you to not heed the Call Up!”


“Come on all Rude Boys unite
Stop That Train because
every morning you meet at the Bus Stop
but you know not where you’re goin’
or what you’re doin’
’cause you only see the clock on the wall
because you have to go to work
to work for your boss
who rule you and use you for a wage
from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday
all over the world
livin’ in fear of losin’ your job
because you don’t know the value which is in you
therefore you become somebody’s tool
so come on Rude Boys
let’s catch that Train To Skaville!”


The Beauty of God’s Plan, Happiness, No Woman No Cry, Jah Children Cry*, Cry Tough, Zappata*, The Call Up Version*, Rude Boy Train, Walk The Proud Land*, Stop That Train, Train To Skaville*, Fidel Castro, If You See My Mary*, Up On The Roof Strictly Roots*, I Need A Roof, Doorkeeper*, Jumping Masters*, War, Live Right*, Gates of Zion*

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The Hoovers versus Skanking Babylonians at the Savoy Tivoli’s Superbowl Skank-Off in San Francisco’s North Beach with Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band along with The Sir Douglas Quintet nearby at the Old Waldorf. A new album from Mikey Dread milks one amazing rhythm. The dread bits mash it up and flow freely. Monday morning looms. Just another anxious night in the early Reggaeighties… and things are about to get even dreader

*MD debuts



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