dear readers, our good friends Esther Anderson And Gian Godoy, told us regarding the Black History Month 2014,

There’ll be screenings of their documentary : Bob Marley The Making Of A Legend in various cities in America , Canada and also in England and France.

Bob Marley The Making Of A Legend

This is including a special screening premiere in France, inside the one of the oldest cinema in the world , a place named ‘ L’Eden Des Lumieres’ , in La Ciotat.

This theater being kinda ‘special’ because it was there where the first films of the pioneering Lumière brothers were screened in 1899.

Here the current scheduled screenings for February 2014 :

– University Of Leeds, Lucas (centre For African Studies). Leeds. United Kingdom. 5th February
– Ashe Cultural Arts Center. New Orleans, Louisiana. United States. 6th February
– African American Museum Of Iowa. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. United States. 6th February
– The Film Bar. Phoenix, Arizona. United States. 6th February
– Cinema Arts Centre. Huntington, Long Island. United States. 6th February
– Regent Theatre, Arlington, Massachusetts. United States. 6th February
– Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado. United States. 6th February
– Charles H. Wright Museum Of African American History, Detroit, Michigan, United States. 6th February
– The Oriental Theater, Denver, Colorado. United States. 6th February
– The International Civil Rights Center & Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina. United States. 7th February
– Arcata Theater Lounge, Arcata, California. United States. 7th February
– The Harriet Tubman Institute, York University, Toronto. Canada. 12th February
– Troy University Rosa Parks Museum, Birmingham, Alabama. United States. 13th February
– Eden Theatre, La Ciotat. France. 16th February (with artists : Tim Hain, Lioness Fonts, Culture)
– The Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon. Canada. 17th February
– Red River Theatres, Concord, New Hampshire. 19th February
– York Woods Theatre, Toronto. Canada. 20th February
– The National Museum Of African American Music, Nashville, Tennessee. United States. 27th February
– Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama. United States. 27th February

To learn more about the documentary be sure to check here :

Bob Marley The Making Of A Legend Official Facebook

Here a promotional video about it :

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About the ‘Eden Des Lumières’ :

Thanks to Esther Anderson, Gian Godoy, Lisa Petros-Koumi, Olive Leandro, Wahid Raubi and Claire From The Eden Theater.