Included here is an interesting interview with Dennis Brown that occurred in Los Angeles 1980. Interestingly, several other music industry figures are also interviewed including musicians Larry McDonald and Ken Lazarus as well as record representative Byron Malcom.

I found it interesting that this group of individuals went out of their way to slander the band Third World, Malcolm even calling their music “gimmicky” and stating that Third World is just a middle-class “gimmick” band using the Bob Marley formula to popularize their music. It is not the first time I’ve heard Jamaican artists rail against the band, as they are often described as “uptown” and “radio-friendly” reggae. I happen to love Third World and I think that both Bunny Rugs and Cat Coore, in particular, are immensely talented artists.

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Also included here is a selection from my vinyl collection. Dennis Brown’s “Why Fools” is one of his heavier tunes to be featured on 7″. The tune also goes under the title of “Fulfillment” on his Stage Coach Showcase.


Also included here is a killer Bunny Rugs 7″ I recently picked up titled “Ain’t Giving Up”…