A contribution to MIDNIGHT RAVER by collector Glenn Lockley.

Back in January 2006, whilst scrolling through the latest Peter Tosh listings on eBay, I spotted a copy of Maga Dog on the Jogibs label. Although I already owned an example of that particular pressing, some handwriting down the left-hand side of the label caught my eye. A closer look at it made me determined to win the auction. A few days later, I duly secured the record for US$30, and when I eventually received it my initial supposition was confirmed.

Written at 90 degrees below the Jogibs Records title were the words “on behalf of Peter Tosh”. After comparing this against other examples of Peter’s handwriting, I was left in no doubt that it was indeed penned by Peter’s own hand. I was subsequently told that Peter did not really like signing copies of his Joe Gibbs releases, and was known to scribble over the face of the producer. Thus, this example seems to be in-keeping with his defiant attitude towards Gibbs. So, was Peter being dreadly serious or just mischievous? Probably a bit of both. Does anybody out there have any similar inscriptions by Peter?

Tosh Maga Dog