Dear readers, not solely we do wants to honor mr Peter Tosh all this month,
but we wants you ALL to understand his very own impact onto the reggae music genre.

In October 1970, Derrick Harriott hosted a nice event , the Singers Cavalcade revue at the Vip Club, in Kingston.

This event inclued artists in the like of Alton Ellis, Dobby Dobson, Bongo Herman, The Choosen Fews, The Now Generation Band and our beloved Wailers.

Inclued Here is 1 advert published inside the Kingston Gleaner, 1970-10-17 and also the review of the event , published 1970-10-23.

Inside the review, we are able to learn that the Wailers played Soul Rebel, Sun Is Shining and Duppy Conqueror, wich was a hit at this time in Jamaica.

The crowd was made of about 400 .

1970-10-17 Advert - Kingston Gleaner
1970-10-17 Advert – Kingston Gleaner
1970-10-23 Singers Cavalcade Derrick Harriott's - Review Kingston Gleaner
1970-10-23 Singers Cavalcade Derrick Harriott’s – Review Kingston Gleaner

Ride On Brothers, Ride On ..

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