As if they didn’t stun ’nuff people with their mind-splitting dub to Dre Island’s “Live Forever,” Tallman and Binghi have dropped another heavy hitter with the version to Dexter Malawi’s “Woke Up This Morning.”

Natural High Music is bringing forth their latest dub mix in the form of Dexta Malawi’s “Woke Up Dub.”  A collaborative work that brings the Natural High dub sound to Dexta Malawi’s single from earlier this year “Woke Up This Morning.”  Mixed by Binghi and Tallman at their studio home ‘The Bungalow’ in Kingston, Jamaica., the project was initiated when Dexta and the Natural High family met through a mutual friend.

One of the first places I heard this tune was at MIDNIGHT RAVER.  So I was a fan of the song before I met Dexta and he was such a cool and humble bredrin when we linked up, the collaboration felt natural” says Tallman. Look out for Dexta Malawi at as well as his project ‘The Malawian Journey‘ coming out later this year.

Natural High Music will have the free download of their “Woke Up Dub” record available through the Natural High Music SoundCloud beginning September 10, 2014.



WOKE UP DUB artwork