Toots and The Maytals kick this killer radio program into gear with their own “Get Up Stand Up” composition. Bunny sings “Crucial”. Bob echoes “Dubbin’ In”. Lloyd Charmers provides “Sweet Harmony”. Mikey Dread sparks The Clash “One More Time”. To forestall the dread of night hypocrite onslaught MD employs a double dose of LKJ’s “Reality Poem” with this introduction “Let I reiterate and brain smog obliterate!”

“w’en wi can’t face reality
wi leggo wi clarity
some latch aan to vanity
some hol’ insanity
some get vision
start preach relijan
but dem can’t mek decishan
w’en it come to we fite
dem can’t mek decishan
w’en it comes to wi rites”



Scientist Meets The Space Invaders is fresh on the scene so it’s time to “Dematerialise” dub style. Two days after this program aired while working as a union projectionist at the Embassy Theatre on Market Street in San Francisco showing the first anti-hero western ever “Hour of The Gun” I was listening back to my aircheck and Dillinger screaming “Fire Fire” from the second part of this Midnight Dread #58 as I’m staring at the huge movie screen three stories below getting ready to do my change-over of reels when the screen bursts into flames and disappears in balls of smoke. All in attendance that afternoon at the infamous dollar house (3 movies for a buck!) flee the theatre.

I shut down the projection booth and take the elevator to the street only to fight my way out of a crowd of patrons jamming the ticket booth wanting their money back with little regard for their or others’ lives. I never work for the union again. One of my best jobs for the IATSE (International Association of Theatre & Stage Employees) before leaving was running slides for a closed door session on the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. Suffice it to say, they have no idea how much radiation was released as the few monitors that were set up during the incident were all pointing the wrong way. I guess the sicknesses germinated then may just be showing up in droves now. That’s stupefied Babylon’s only real monitor. Choah. Me-cology or Ecology, that is the question. The hypocrites run amok at midnight. Scientist is here to blast them.



February 1981 Duppy Doug photo by Roger Steffens

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