So I’m going to share something quite extraordinary here today.  I was going through a big box of stuff that Doctor Dread gave me filled with stuff he collected over the years.  At the bottom of the box I find three photo contact sheets, each containing 36 black and white photos  of Bob Marley performing on-stage.  I scan them in high-resolution and start studying them.  Several things jump out at me:

  • I notice that Marcia Griffiths is not performing with the I-Three – only Judy and Rita appear on-stage.  I only know of two occasions when Marcia missed live dates:  1975 and 1979.
  • I also notice that Junior Marvin and Al Anderson are performing.  I know that Marvin doesn’t even meet Marley until February 1977, so it puts these photos at either 1978 or 1979.
  • There are three great shots of saxman Glen Dacosta.  As many fans have pointed out here and on FB, Glen did not tour with the group in 1978.  He did tour with them in 1979.

I called and emailed Ras RoJah Steffens to find out where these photos were taken and by whom.  He doesn’t recognize them.  I ask Doctor Dread, who is now spreading his love for Jamaican culture through food, about the photos and here is what he says:

“I took those photos when Bob was appearing at McDonough Arena at Georgetown University. I was taking a black and white photography class at the Corcoran School of Art at the time. I developed the negatives and did actually print a few of the pictures but they never got out there. If you find any good shots please send them over to me. I doubt there is anything too good in there but you never know.”

(CLICK HERE to read my previous post about the Georgetown show.)

My best guess is that these photos were taken at several different shows, each on the east coast in 1979.  As many have pointed out, it is highly likely that some were taken at the Apollo run.

I will try to clear this up over the next few days.

There are a total of 108 images contained on three contact sheets – 108 images that have never been seen by the public.

The images are in rough condition because they have been sitting in storage for 40+ years, however, I am in the process of having them restored and digitized.  I digitized and restored a handful of photos and they are included here.

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