If you are a fan of reggae, and you have never listened to Lacksley Castell’s ‘Morning Glory’ (Negus Roots, 1982), then you are about to discover an album which will reset your dial in terms of quality roots reggae.  Many of the melodies and riddims contained in this album sound almost divinely inspired.  It is a wonder how someone so young (Castell was only 20 years old when he composed the album) was able to deliver something so inspired, so groundbreaking, so monumental. Unfortunately, Castell would release only one more studio album before passing away in 1984 due to complications of asthma and tuberculosis.

I personally remastered the album, inserting at the end of each track the Sly and Robbie dub track.  The dub tracks to the album were released as ‘Dub Rockers Delight’ by Sly and Robbie the same year.  This vinyl LP is very rare and really expensive, however, it was re-released several years ago on compact disc under a different name.  Castell’s ‘Morning Glory’ was long out-of-print before it was re-released in 2005.  Because both albums were recently re-released, I am unable to provide a download link.  However, upon listening, I’m sure many of you will track these albums down.


1. Leaving plus Dub
2. Morning Glory plus Dub
3. Righteous Stand plus Dub
4. Message To My Woman plus Dub
5. Cold Winter Night plus Dub
6. Speak Softly plus Dub
7. Doctor Love plus Dub
8. Bound In Bondage plus Dub
9. Government Man plus Dub
10. Jah Love Dub