Crucial album by two of Waterhouse’s superstars.  Simply one of the finest records of the past 30 years, ‘Firehouse Rock’ features Black Uhuru’s Junior Reid and Don Carlos at their very best.  If you don’t have this album, buy it now if you can find a copy (it has been out of print for many years).

Note:  The first track “Chanting” is the early alternative version of “Dreadlocks In The Mountain,” which appears on the Grammy-nominated Brutal album.  Both Junior Reid and Don Carlos feature heavily throughout my interview with the legendary Garth Dennis, founder of Black Uhuru.  Please take a minute to read it HERE.


Junior Reid – Chanting
Junior Reid – Respect Due
Junior Reid – Mirror
Junior Reid – Woman Change Your Ways *
Junior Reid – Children Playing
Don Carlos – Living In The City
Don Carlos – No Trouble This
Don Carlos – Black History *
Don Carlos – No Follow Babylon
Don Carlos – Never Gonna Give Up
Don Carlos – Spread Out *

Producer : Delroy Wright

Engineer : Oswald Palmer & Crucial Bunny & Noel Hearne
Mixing Engineer : Noel Hearne

Vocals : Don Carlos & Junior Reid
Backing Vocals : Al Campbell
Drums : Boo Richards & Clevie
Bass : Robbie & Ranchie
Guitar : Dwight Pickney & Dougie Bryan
Synthesiser : Mallory Williams & Robert Lynn
Keyboards : Robert Lynn & Ansel Collins
Alto Saxophone : Dean Fraser
Saxophone : Dean Fraser
Percussions : Errol Graham & Sydney Wolf

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Aquarius (Kingston, JA) & Music Mountain (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Music Mountain (Kingston, JA)