From time to time I will profile an album that really stands out among the great reggae/dub albums of the past 50 years.  Selassie I Rockers | 30 Pieces Of Dub is one of those special albums.  It is simply one of the best dub albums I have ever heard.  Although it has been out of print for what seems like forever, I have included a pristeen rip of the album here for your listening pleasure. Produced by Winston Curtis, Selassie I Rockers is the brainchild of visionary producer/musician Jah Lion. One of the best reggae albums you’ll ever lay ears upon…


1 30 Pieces Of Dub
2 Africano Dub
3 Gone Dub
4 No Dub Like Dis Ya Dub
5 Night Ravers Dub
6 Jack The Ripper
7 Englishman Dub
8 Wicked Man Dub
9 Mad Man Dub
10 Fisherman Dub
Bonus Tracks
11 Three Times A Dub
12 Prophecy Dub