One of the things that I try to offer on this blog is some new or unique information regarding the media I share.  Like most music sharing blogs out there, I could take the easy road and simply post a nondescript link to some mp3 files and be done with it.  However, it is important to me that I offer the reader something that they cannot find anywhere else.

This is why I always try to share my music in “lossless” (FLAC) format.  There are very few blogs that share lossless Bob Marley and the Wailers audio on the web.  By sharing in lossless, I rest assured that I am not polluting the web with substandard audio that will surely be further degraded each time it is shared.

With each post, I try to add some new piece of knowledge to the Bob Marley archive.  I do this primarily through direct contact with those involved in making music, or in the case of The Wounded Lion Tape, those responsible for bringing it to light.

I spoke recently with music journalist and reggae historian Roger Steffens about the history behind The Wounded Lion Tape.

From Roger:

“I discovered the ‘Wounded Lion’ tape in 1981 when it was given to me by an employee of Rough Trade which had established a distribution office and store in San Francisco. He said he got it from one of the Sons of Jah, so my copy would be third generation. I circulated it widely, so I guess you shouldn’t hesitate to post it.

There’s an interesting line I was never able to penetrate until a professor friend of mine at UWI explained it. “You’re floating around like when John Crow feel cool breeze.” John Crow is a Jamaican vulture, feeding on carcasses whenever opportunity presents itself. So it’s an image of a predator looking for a kill.”

Roger also told me that he has played the tape for Ziggy, Stephen, and Damian when they visited his legendary archives.  At the time, they had no interest in releasing the songs officially.

The Wounded Lion Sessions – “Babylon System (Take 2)”

Bob Marley and the Wailers
The Wounded Lion Session

1. Wounded Lion – 20:39
2. You talk Too Much – 03:41    
3. Babylon System (take 1) – 05:19     
4. Babylon System (false start) – 00:15
5. Babylon System (take 2) – 10:08    
6. Babylon System (take 3) – 10:04    

We are truly blessed to have access to these recordings in lossless audio.

I must give thanks to Ras Rojah Steffens for supporting this blog.  He always finds the time to make sure that the information that I present here is accurate and historically significant.  Please visit his archives online at