Bob Marley and the Wailers kick off the U.S. leg of their Kaya tour on May 18, 1978 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Over the next few weeks they visit several college towns in the mid-west, playing mid-sized music halls and theaters.  They play the Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI on May 25, 1978.  Madison is home to a rather huge university – University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The Orpheum Theatre is a live performance and musical theater in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, located at 216 State Street, one block from the Wisconsin State Capitol building.  Some interesting notes about the Orpheum:

  • The Orpheum Theatre was the first building in Wisconsin to have air conditioning; the air conditioner itself takes up an entire room in the basement. Furthermore, it was the first building on its block between Johnson Street and State Street.
  • The Orpheum Theatre originally seated 2,400 people. After renovations in the 1960s to add “The Stage Door” Theatre, only six feet of the original stage was left, and 700 seats were lost, making the capacity 1700.
  • The Orpheum nearly burned down on December 19, 2004. It was the third attempted arson on the building. Several other Madison landmark music establishments such as O’Cayz Corral and the Club deWash had burned down mysteriously in previous years.

As I try to do with most shows shared on this blog, I have included a review of the show from the Wisconsin State Journal and a review from the Madison Capital Times.  Both reviews were published on May 26, 1978.

Wisconsin State Journal May 26, 1978

Madison Capital Times May 26, 1978

Bob Marley and the Wailers played two shows at the Orpheum Theater on May 25, 1978. 


1 Sisters Chant  4:23
2 So Long Rastafari  3:18
3 Concrete Jungle  7:53
4 Burnin’ And Lootin’  5:29
5 Them Belly Full  3:45
6 Rebel Music  4:46
7 I Shot The Sheriff  4:29
8 No Woman No Cry  7:46
9 Lively Up Yourself  8:40
10 Jammin  6:02
11 Get Up Stand Up  6:20
12 Exodus  4:53
13 No More Trouble  3:01


01 – Sisters Chant  4:24
02 – So Long Rastafari  3:58
03 – Concrete Jungle  5:52
04 – Burning And Looting – Them Belly Full  9:50
05 – Rebel Music  6:45
06 – I Shot The Sheriff  4:46
07 – No Woman No Cry  6:51
08 – Lively Up Yourself  2:13

Bob Marley, Wisconsin, 1978

© Rick Kohlmeyer

Bob Marley, Wisconsin, 1978

© Rick Kohlmeyer

Bob Marley, Orpheum Theater, 1978

© Michael Kienitz