It’s October 1973 and the Wailers are making their way to California from Las Vegas.  They’ve been touring since April.  London. Edmonton. Leicester.  Southampton.  Boston.  New York City.  Florida.  Kentucky.  Denver.  Back to Jamaica for a short break.  Philadelphia.  San Francisco….

They fell on hard times in Las Vegas a few days ago when Sly Stone of Sly and the Family Stone left them stranded.  They were opening for Sly in Las Vegas, just as they had been doing for most of the tour, when Sly just kicked them off the tour and left them stranded to hitch hike back to California.  Word is The Wailers were outplaying Sly and the Family Stone every night and Sly’s ego couldn’t deal.  The real reason varies based on who you ask.  

Click HERE to read a scathing review of one of the shows.

And now, to L.A. to play a private set at the legendary Capitol Records.  Bob now understands why Bunny refuses to tour.  It’s hell on the mind and body.  Tuff Gong

Joe Higgs is in the van.  Bunny won’t tour but Joe will.  Joe is a surrogate father to these youths.  It’s because of him that they are here.  Those long, hot afternoons rehearsing in his living room, each singing his heart out hoping that Joe will hear something worth molding.  Higgs worked with the boys for years, constantly identifying and honing each boys’ skills, establishing the foundation of what would become the greatest force in music several years later.

Today I share with you amazing video footage and audio of The Wailers’ rehearsal set at the Capitol Records studios in Hollywood on October 24, 1973.  This performance occurs just days after their lauded appearance at The Matrix in San Francisco and just days before their legendary private show at the Record factory in Sausalito, CA.

As fans, we are so lucky to have these early performances recorded.  Many of the 1973 shows were recorded and almost all are in pristine condition.  The same goes for video.  Several of their 1973 performances were recorded and subsequently upgraded over the years.  The Capitol Records performance is one of the best when it comes to the media quality.

I have included the entire session for viewing.  This version has been upgraded several times and does not include the annoying timer block at the bottom (like many other versions).  I must thank my good friend Dubwise Garage for sharing this version with me.  Big Up!

I can’t say enough about this video.  All the players are here:  Marley, Tosh, Wya, Familyman, Carlton, Joe Higgs.  The set list is amazing and the band is as tight as ever.  Enjoy!

The Wailers Capitol Records 1973

The Wailers
Capitol Records Rehearsal
October 24, 1973

1 You Can’t Blame The Youth
2 Slave Driver
3 Burnin’ And Lootin’
4 Rastaman Chant
5 Duppy Conqueror
6 Midnight Raver
7 Put It On
8 Stop That Train
9 Kinky Reggae
10 Stir It Up
11 No More Trouble
12 Get Up Stand Up