In a rare and in-depth interview from 1980, Bob Marley talks to Phil Sutcliffe of Sounds Magazine about his music, his politics and his ever-strong Rastafari beliefs. Marley discusses his recent concert in Zimbabwe where he and the Wailers were the center-piece of celebrations to mark independence and the end of British colonial rule. He muses on being an icon, recognised worldwide. And he has answers for those who criticise him, for his political and religious ideologies.


Presenter: David Hyde
Producers: David Hyde and Joe Haddow
Executive Producers: Helen Toland and Peter Rippon
A BBC Rewind Production for BBC Sounds

Bob Marley, Zimbabwe independence celebrations, Harare, 1979. Photo by Stan Winer.
I-Three, Zimbabwe, 1980. Photo by Stan Winer.
Bob Marley, Zimbabwe, 1980. Photo by Stan Winer.