Freddie McGregor’s first release for RAS Records was 1983’s COME ON OVER. An outstanding set, I’m sure RAS was ecstatic when Freddie played the album for them for the first time. What RAS did not know at the time is that the record had been entirely financed and produced in Jamaica by the great Linval Thompson. So when it came time to promote and distribute the album, and the proceeds for worldwide sales started to roll in, guess who lined up to get paid first? Linval of course! You can read all about the fiasco and Freddie’s many other schemes in Doctor Dread’s excellent book THE HALF THAT’S NEVER BEEN TOLD.

The production on the album is top notch, as is Freddie’s many performances. One of his best albums for sure.

Most know this tune as “Shirley Come Over,” the opening track on the album. Here is the 12″ from my collection featuring the extended mix and titled “Come Rub A Dub With Me” backed with “Apple Of My Eye,” the second track to appear on the album.

Another excellent track from the album is “Shortman,” a tune which Freddie wrote about Bob Marley himself. Listen the lyrics, you will see. It’s unmistakeable.

And my favorite Freddie McGregor tune is timeless, positive, and wonderful! And what a riddim!