Midnite live in Eugene 2004 is widely regarded among fans and collectors alike as the group’s greatest live performance. It is no doubt one of the very best but there are just so many stellar performances to choose from. The Masonic Center in Mill Valley, CA 2014 is certainly up there. Monterey Bay Reggae Fest 2002 is a top candidate. Live at The Independent in San Francisco 2013. Any of their performances at the World Beat Center in San Diego. The debut of Akae Beka on Mandela Day, Denver, CO.

Love Jah
Rastaman Still Stand
Natty Watching You
Ras To The Bone >
Don’t Move (Lion’s Dread)
Love Right (Live Right)
Love The Life You Live
Same Way Too??
Ainshant Maps
Batter Ram Sound
New Life

Kings On The Clothesline
Respect Dem Een
Roll Call
Grapes of Wrath / Merciless
Due Reward
Breathing Scrolls
Old Robe