Zion I Kings recently released the YAD ON Riddim EP which features incredible vocal performances from Vaughn Benjamin (Akae Beka), Marcus Gad, and Lutan Fyah.

Zion I Kings posted about the riddim:

“We had been on the island [of St. Croix] about 5-6 days just tracking riddims, Vaughn came up to the house and Jah D said “ come on man, I been here almost a week and still haven’t heard you sing! “ Vaughn chuckled, went to the other room and started singing a melody to this riddim, we had tracked earlier that same day. He came back into the studio room, where Tippy I had set up the mic, knowing intuitively what was about to happen….Then Vaughn shot out this amazing song, based on his experience that very day – in one take, at one time. It was quite moving to witness.”

The power of Vaughn’s song influenced the title of the release, along with an earlier iteration on Tuff Lion’s instrumental album , “Ten Strings” called “Yad Along” released in 2008. The riddim laid dormant for a while until it was revisited for up and coming reggae great, Marcus Gad’s album “Rhythm of Serenity” (2020) produced by Zion I Kings. Once it was unearthed and revitalized for Marcus, Zion I Kings key member Drew Keys took hold of it and put down the majestic trombone parts, icing the deep roots cake. It was only a matter of time before the track found it’s way to ZIK, brother in arms- Lutan Fyah, who keeps it real on his rootsy meditation on the power of silence in “Talk Talk Talk”.”

Purchase and stream the YAD ON Riddim EP on all digital platforms.