Dub can see through anything in its revelation fashion:


You never heard “Get Up, Stand Up” like this radiogram’s version from the mysterious Lightning Clap. It’s Reggae MD X-ray time so cover your vitals and stay still, version gonna zap yah same way! While you’re electrifying well-charge up even further with knob-twisters and muse-misters like Kazufumi “Echo” Kodama, Mikey Dread, Tosh, Cliff, Bob, Scratch, Tubby, and The Rhyth-O-Matics plus The Process Meets Ghetto Priest, Tazmanian Devils, Dub Colossus, Adrian Sherwood and that’s just the tip of the ites-berg in this very special Reggae MD X-ray window rattler and neighborhood waker. 76 minutes of fireworks from firehouse internationals hosed down and heated up. Radio not robots. Circle the wagons, we’re surrounded. Incoming!


Penetrate any substance with this week’s Reggae MD X-ray vision. Get more clues to what ails Babylon from last week’s Reggae MD Symptomatic audio analysis. Listen up again and text I in the afternoon.