Bob Marley’s comprehensive tour history has been thoroughly researched and meticulously documented by fans, collectors, and journalists over the past thirty-plus years.  Every tour date and venue has been checked against reliable resources such as newspaper articles, advertisements, concert reviews, ticket stubs, and tour programs to ensure the accuracy of his tour history.  In many cases the touring band line-up, setlists, and audio recordings are available.  Our friends Marco Virgona and Ivan Serra over at Bob Marley Magazine just published an outstanding book titled Bob Marley On The Road which compiles all documented tour dates and venues along with press articles, reviews, and rare photographs.


Bob Marley’s tour history is so well-documented that any new undocumented live performance by Marley is almost always met with skepticism by the “reggae police.”  Back in 2012, MIDNIGHT RAVER unearthed an obscure article from The Capitol Times of Annapolis, MD which documents a homecoming show at the US Naval Academy at which The Wailers opened for Sly & the Family Stone.

Several days ago while looking through some vintage press about Israel Vibration I came across a feature from the August/September 1977 issue of Swing Magazine, a Jamaican cultural and lifestyle magazine which circulated in the 1970s.  The feature, titled Israel Vibration:  Vibrating with Terrence Golden, discusses several prominent Israel Vibration live performances from the previous year including a show in Jamaica headlined by Bob Marley and the Wailers.  The show, produced by the Twelve Tribes of Israel, was billed as “a celebration of His Imperial Majesty’s Coronation” and was held at the Student Union on November 2, 1976.  According to the feature, [Israel Vibration], along with Bob Marley, stole the show at the Student’s Union Celebration (His Majesty’s Coronation November 2) from other top artists Judy Mowatt, Little Roy, Malawi, Naptali, [Dan Hutson and] The Seers and more.”