Having the opportunity to interview Bunny Wailer was one of the highlights of my life really. The countless hours spent listening to Blackheart Man and Rock ‘n Groove are golden moments that helped shape my ear for reggae.

So I was blown away when we landed in Kingston and Doctor Dread asked “You up for going out to Jah B’s house tonight?”


As John Jeremiah Sullivan explains in his feature article “The Last Wailer,” which appeared in the January 2011 issue of GQ:

“Even the name is legend. Bunny Wailer. He grew up in the same house as Bob Marley, and together with Peter Tosh, they created not just The Wailers but a new template for sound. But only Bunny remains, and today he lives in his own private Zion.”

Truth is that Doc and Bunny have been close friends for more than 30 years and Doc has managed his publishing for almost that long.  In the Introduction to Doc’s forthcoming book titled The Half Thats Never Been Told:  The Real Life Reggae Adventures of Doctor Dread Bunny says that he considers Doctor Dread a brother.

I spent 3 hours at Jah B’s house on Darley Crescent, Kingston 12 that night…reasoning, laughing, sweating, and just trying to take in the whole scene, which seemed surreal at times.  On the two occasions I’ve interacted with Jah B he has been engaging and thoughtful, really a solid bredren who appreciates his fans and enjoys his status as elder statesman of reggae.

Here is a special mix of rare Jah B sides and extended mixes.  This stuff is truly rare because it can be found only on the original Solomonic vinyl releases.  Jah B still has not made his music available for digital download.


Bunny Wailer – Solomonic Dub
Bunny Wailer – Armagideon Dub
Bunny Wailer – Cool Runnings (Version)
Bunny Wailer – Dreamland (Version)
Bunny Wailer – Boderation (12″ Version)
Bunny Wailer – Burial (Version)
Bunny Wailer – Jammins (Extended Mix)
Bunny Wailer – Battering Down Sentence (Version)
Bunny Wailer/Peter Tosh – Anti-Apartheid/Solidarity
Bunny Wailer – Collieman (12″ Version)
Bunny Wailer – Trouble On The Road Again (12″ Version)
Bunny Wailer/Big Youth – Bide Up/Bide
Gregory Isaacs – Sunday Morning Version (Solomonic)
Dennis Brown – Runnings Version (Solomonic)

Young Jah B, Kingston


Jah B smoking from his carrot pipe at home in Washington Gardens, Kingston 12


Raver, Doctor Dread, a smiling Jah B at Bunny’s home in Washington Gardens, Kingston 12