Here is a very rare performance by Black Uhuru featuring Junior Reid on lead vocals. After being dropped by Island Records, Michael Rose leaves Black Uhuru and is replaced by Waterhouse singer Junior Reid who leaves his group Voice of Progress to take the helm of Black Uhuru. A talented singer and an electrifying performer, Reid brings new energy to Black Uhuru and they are signed to RAS Records by Doctor Dread. They immediately get to work on a new album titled Brutal. Reid pens some serious songs for the album including “Fit You Haffe Fit,” “Conviction or a Fine,” “Great Train Robbery,” “Let Us Pray,” and “Dread In The Mountain” (“Chanting”). I love the Brutal LP. The album and its dub companion are nominated for a Grammy Award and the group embarks on a short-lived US tour.

There are very few Black Uhuru live performances circulating featuring Junior Reid. This is one of their finest. The band begins to disintegrate. Their next album with Jammy is started but never completed, they stop working with Sly and Robbie, and Sandra “Puma” Jones leaves the band due to ill health (she passes in 1990 from cancer). Her replacement is Reid’s sister Janet “Olafunke” Reid, and the group returns in 1988 with the Positive album. Reid is unable to obtain a US visa, and unable to tour, leaves the band.

Big up DUBWISE GARAGE for coming through with the audio!

  1. Shack-A-Lack Rock
  2. Babylon Release The Chains
  3. What Is Life
  4. Fit You Haffe Fit
  5. Emotional Slaughter
  6. Conviction or a Fine
  7. Great Train Robbery
  8. Solidarity
  9. Let Us Pray