While the reggae massive sit contemplating the new Protoje single and anticipating Chronixx’ next move, VP quietly dropped a brilliant collection of the Mystic Revealers’ finest tunes. CRUCIAL CUTS contains 13 tracks which take us on a nostalgic journey to a time when Jamaican reggae was emerging from the dark days of dancehall, when the music began again to foster a positive message of hope and redemption. While the band has been out of the spotlight for many years, front man Billy Wilmot AKA Billy Mystic has still been promoting a message of positivity and clean living through his surf camp Jamnesia, which offers a positive experience for disenfranchised youth.

As I reported in A LION AWAKES: THE ROOTS OF THE REGGAE REVIVAL, the reggae revival movement was borne out of late-night jam sessions at Jamnesia, the small but flourishing surf camp run by Wilmot 8 miles east of Kingston at Bull Bay. In his interview for the piece, Dutty Bookman, a self-declared revolutionary and author who was the first to describe this new, emerging movement of throwback Rasta-influenced artists as a “reggae revival,” described its evolution as a “movement that started with musicians and elders. Bob Andy working with Raging Fyah; Earl “Chinna” Smith working with the musicians ‘inna de yard; Billy Mystic and his son’s band From The Deep – a multi-generational movement championed by the youth with mentoring from the elders.”

CRUCIAL CUTS includes timeless classics like “Rasta Man,” “Judgement Day,” “Justice,” “Space & Time,” “Conquering Lion,” “Border Line,” and “Tell Them” featuring Sizzla. The songs, selected for the compilation from their first four albums, truly reflect the sound, vibe, and essence of the Mystic Revealers. One of VP’s best releases of 2014.