Sizzla, who earlier this year dropped his best album in a decade, the Mista Savona-produced BORN A KING, calls upon producer Lloyd “John John” James once again for NUH WORRY UNU SELF (2014).  Released March 18, 2014 on John John Records, the album draws heavily upon classic heavyweight roots reggae riddims which add weight to an album that seems to be flying under the radar.  The decision to forego today’s ever-expanding quiver of largely-lightweight  laptop riddims and and to give Sizzla the opportunity to re-interpret old heavyweights is one that serves the album well.  Unlike many current reggae artists whose performances lack the inventiveness and unique perspective to seriously engage the fickle reggae massive, Sizzla has a rare talent and an uncanny ability to engage the listener on a much higher level.  I’m convinced Sizzla could make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sound exciting.

John John looks no further than his own legendary father in selecting riddim tracks for the album.  On “THANKS & PRAISE” Sizzla takes on the riddim that crowned Jammy king – Junior Reid’s “JAILHOUSE” riddim.  WHAT A TUNE!



John John revisits King Jammy’s riddim archive once again using Wayne Smith’s “TIME IS A MOMENT IN SPACE” riddim on “PUT DOWN THE GUN.”  Other notable tracks on the album include “WHAT’S WRONG,”  the feel-good “NUH WORRY UNU SELF,” and “COME ON.”

The album is yet another strong effort from Sizzla and John John.  Sizzla is an example to all up and coming artists that success in this business is possible for those who want to work hard, stay true, and come with a positive and socially conscious message.