Today we continue our RIDDIMS THAT HIT ‘EM series with a fine selection from our good friend Ray Hurford.  If you don’t know Ray, he is an author and musician who founded the phenomenal reggae zine SMALL AXE, issuing the first edition in September 1978.  SMALL AXE is still considered to be one of the most well-researched and credible reggae zines ever published.  Ray has also publishes a popular series of books called the SMALL AXE GUIDES TO REGGAE.

As I told Ray recently, there would be no MIDNIGHT RAVER without the fine work he and his writers did at SMALL AXE.  The concept of seeking out those artists who are never written about and telling their story to the fans is one that we operate under every day.

Ray told me that he would try and focus on the smaller, more obscure riddims to some of his favorite tunes.  So big thanks to Ray for everything that he contributes to the music and I give thanks to him for taking the time to contribute to this series.

1.  Junior Delgado – Tiction

2.  Willi Williams – Run Them A Run

3.  Leroy Sibbles – Fire In Your Eyes

4.  Maytals – Its You

5.  Ethiopians – Selah

6.  Dandy – Raining In My Heart

7.  Delroy Wilson – Have Some Mercy

8.  Bob Andy – Sun Shines For Me

9.  Little Roy – Tribal War

10.  Nitty Gritty – Tempo (A Big Rhythm, but I love it!)