The Foundation Reggae Artists of Jamaica are dying in poverty…..

After the death of so many Jamaican artists this year including Jackie ‘Kingstonians’ Bernard, many due to poverty, we are making a plea to draw attention to the plight of our ageing unsung heroes of foundation reggae. Many cannot even afford to buy the medicines they so badly need, some have no food or proper shelter, without any help from the Government they will continue to die prematurely. These artists have given so much and got so little for their trouble……..We want to point out the rich heritage and economic benefits they have brought Jamaica….They have put Jamaica high on the cultural world map and have brought most of the tourists that come to the Island, giving much needed revenue to the Jamaican economy. …….We call upon the Jamaican Government to acknowledge the huge part they have played in the cultural heritage of Jamaica and we ask that they, the Jamaican Government do something permanent to help the foundation artists who are suffering extreme poverty and are dying at an alarming rate. Build a retirement home for the veterans of reggae music with medical facilities, as well as musical facilities…..It’s not very much to ask….. New Orleans has acknowledged it’s debt to it’s artists by creating the ‘Musicians’ Village’….It is an inspiration! Kingston and New Orleans are intertwined..

It’s time the Jamaican Government woke up and smelt the coffee (‘Blue Mountain’ of course). The tourist industry is built on the backs of the Jamaican Reggae Artists….They owe them BIG TIME!!!!….. Please help fight for these legendary veterans of reggae.

Big up our friend Gilly Roots in the UK for making us aware of his campaign.

Visit HERE to sign the petition to tell the Jamaican government to to help the foundation artists who are suffering!