I just received yesterday from our good friend Carlton “Tetrack” Hines the forthcoming TETRACK 12″ single titled “THAT DAY WILL COME.”  The single, which was written by Tetrack himself, is a refreshing return to foundation roots & culture reggae.  The new single will be released on the French ROOTS VIBES label on September 1, 2014 and will be available for purchase through www.rootsvibes.com.  Both the the vocal and dub were produced, recorded and mixed by Mr. Haze with music from the S.O.A.

I must big up ROOTS VIBES for issuing such a high-quality 12″ vinyl single.  Not only is the music brilliantly engineered and mixed, but the song is pressed to heavy, collector’s grade vinyl in a high-quality black sleeve.  In my opinion, based on sound quality and packaging it is the finest 12″ collectible issued so far this year.  From the music to the vinyl to the packaging, TETRACK’s “THAT DAY WILL COME” 12″ is a record that fans and collectors alike will enjoy.

The version is straight murder on wax…unreal.

Here is an audio sample of “THAT DAY WILL COME” with version: