This guy Brent Hoskins contacted me a while back after buying a record from me and he told me that he’s a musician working on a Hugh Mundell tribute album. I didn’t think much about it. People email with similar announcements all the time. So I was intrigued when he contacted me again and said the album was finished and available for purchase. I clicked over not knowing what to expect. Quite honestly I was blown away by the musicianship, production, and overall vibe of the sound. These are not so much covers as they are re-interpretations. Their passion for this artist and these songs comes through the haze and it is authentic. Hearing Mundell’s words sung by other talented singers, each with their own unique take on the track, is really inspiring, especially considering he is still largely unknown to the world. I highly recommend a listen. If you dig it, buy it.

I don’t push things on this site that I wouldn’t go out and spend my own money on.  This one caught me sleeping.

Check it…


A tribute to one of Jamaica’s best vocalists, who’s life was tragically cut short in 1983, at the age of 21. We wanted to do our versions of some of our favorite Mundell songs, so we picked some of Southwest Virginia’s best musicians and vocalists to help us bring this vision to life.


Released 14 August 2014

All songs written by Hugh Mundell.
Produced and Engineered by Brent Hoskins and Darren Shropshire.

The Players:
Brent Hoskins – Drums/Guitars/Bass
Darren Shropshire – Bass/Keys/Midi Sequencing
John Hill – Guitars
Adam Hill – Keys
Jamiel Allen – Keys/Melodica
Paul Tressel – Keys
Ben Hite – Keys
Justin Pinckney – Sax
Emily Brass – Sax
John Stump – Trumpet
Jake Dempsey – Bass
Brad Taylor – Bass

The Singers:
The Ambassador – Tracks 1 and 4
Zach Lentine – Track 2
Judi Jackson – Track 3
Rhiana Roper – Track 5
Emily Brass – Track 6