Massive respect to Mad Professor for dropping by to give us his picks for this series.  Mad Professor is considered one of the leading producers of dub music’s second generation and was instrumental in transitioning dub into the digital age.  He’s been staying busy selling out clubs and doing appearances all over the globe.  His recent collaboration with Cedric Myton on made my Best of 2013 list and I’m so grateful for his contribution to Midnight Raver.  Big shout to Doctor Dread for making the link.

Checking in from Berlin the Professor noted “I don’t really have favourite rhythms, but I have favourite songs that have been versioned.”

Like Mad Professor, most contributors (including myself!) have contributed favorite tracks that have been sampled or versioned by other artists.

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1. “Mandingo Warrior.” Mad Professor dubs out over Sly and the Revolutionaries’ “Kunta Kinte.”

2.  “Who Can Help Them.”  Mad Professor comes correct…

3. “Have No Fear.”  Mad Professor takes on Dennis Brown’s “Have No Fear,” produced by Niney the Observer.

4. “Atlantic Crossing.”  And another killer from the Professor.

5. “Anansi Spell.”  Mad Professor…and its like that.

6. “General Dub.”  Mad Professor & Luciano over Dennis Brown’s “Want To Be No General.”

7. “Ghetto Living.”  Mad Professor & Luciano come again!

8.  “Peaceful Warrior.” Sly & Robbie own the arena.

9. “Asylum of Dub.”  Twisted beauty from the Mad Professor…

10.  “Bengali Skank.” Wickedness from Mad Professor and the Sane Inmates (Ariwa) 1983.