First of all I give thanks to all who have donated to this important cause. When I heard what happened I knew we needed to leverage this platform to help.

It appears that no individual or group in Jamaica, or within the Jamaican establishment, has organized any effort to raise funds or awareness for this loss, which is of great cultural and historical significance.

I had a conversation by Skype today with Samuel “Time” Williams, son of Count Ossie, founder of the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari. The meeting was arranged and mediated by our good friend Johan Livens of Entertainment Works. During this meeting I was able to transfer the WePay account directly to Time and remove myself from the account entirely. He now is the sole owner and administrator of the account in which all donated funds are deposited.

It is important to note that Time, Putus, or anyone else never requested any help from anyone. I was informed what happened by our Co-Editor Fred and I told him that we have to do something. I am humbled by the support we have received from everyone we contacted to assist with this effort. You know who you are. Never hesitate if you need an assist anytime…