After back to back sold out performances at The Hamilton, Washington DC’s top live venue, Junior Marvin’s Force One and Nappy Riddem are ready to take the Foundation To Creation show on the road for the rest of the year. Junior Marvin left his solo career to join Bob Marley & The Wailers after turning down an offer from Stevie Wonder on the very same date, February 14th, 1977. This June sees the tour head to North Carolina, Alabama and New York, and to promote these shows, both Junior Marvin and Nappy Riddem are releasing a new song and a live video.

A positive, uplifting reggae party is always a good time, and the track “Bad Mind People” delivers the goods, complete with a rocking guitar solo by Junior Marvin. With the new track comes a “Bad Mind People” music video with live footage from The Hamilton and other shows. Nappy Riddem has a freshly mastered live recording and video of their deeply conscious reggae-soul tune “I Wish.”

The Foundation To Creation Tour featuring Junior Marvin’s Force One and Nappy Riddem are eager to set-up interviews, free downloads, features and radio play for the June tour dates. Both artists are available for interviews upon request.

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