Today we are happy to help out a nice project ‘AFRICA RISE UP – MUSIC4CHARITY CD SAMPLER Volume I’
so it’s being the video premiere of Tamika, with her song : ‘African Woman’, scroll down and enjoy it as we did at midnight raver :).

This project was created by our friends Dewey and Kirsten, we are gratefull to be able to help in spreading this one :).

tamika – Thanks to Kirsten for the photo.

the video : Tamika , African Woman

To learn more about the project :


A historical moment for Africa and Jamaica 2014 :

The first time in Reggae History also Entertainment History that Jamaican and other International Artist are coming together to voice on a Riddim Sampler for Charity to support non-profit-organizations in Africa. This year we choose an Organization in South-Sudan (Teen Confront Organization) as the population is tormented by civil war. No Artist is charging any fee for their voicing’s and songwriting’s.

Only 20 Reggae Artist are chosen to voice on the Riddim.

CONFIRMED!!! artists, bands to voice over the riddim :

– The Mighty Diamonds (Jamaica)
– Kaya (Cap Verde)
– The Blackstones (Jamaica)
– Anthony (Jamaica)
– Luciano (Jamaica)
– Ky-Enie (Jamaica)
– Junior Dread (Brazil)
– Iza Rebell (NY)
– Chuckle Berry (Jamaica)
– Tamika (Germany / Usa)
– Shocking Murray (Jamaica)
– King Kong (Jamaica)
– Cornadoor (Germany)
– Nu Chilly (England / Gambia)
– Doolay (Senegal)

5 more artists, bands will comes .

Release Date : 01 August 2014

Africa Rise Up*Music4Charity
Founder and Organizer: Dewey & Fiya (Alfred Norman Reid*Jamaica & Kirsten Uhl*Germany)
Main Partner: SPMUDA International
Honor Patron: Sir HRH Dr. Camad Mangotora Ali (Phillippines)
CD Sampler Production: Toney Owens (Jamaica)