The new album ‘Born A King’ sees legendary Jamaican artist Sizzla at the breathtaking peak of his musical and lyrical abilities, balancing traditional roots reggae, dancehall, hiphop and global beats with all-out futuristic sounds and production. Focusing 100% of his energy on positive, uplifting and conscious lyrics, Sizzla combines his unique melodic sense and vocal delivery with some of the toughest production ever featured amongst his extensive catalogue. Australian heavyweight reggae and hip-hop producer Mista Savona (Muti Music) has pulled out all the stops, combining his flair for sampling, composition and the full utilisation of a ten piece studio band to deliver a scorching 15 track selection that is easily one of the strongest albums of Sizzla’s career.

This album is so hard.  His duets with Errol Dunkley and Alton Ellis are too crucial.  Might be Sizzla’s best yet?  Review soon come.

Check it!


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