From Jerry Stein’s 1979 film WORD, SOUND AND POWER we have Soul Syndicate with “Visions Of Love Dub” featuring Augustus Pablo on keyboards.  The track is the version to Earl Zero’s “Visions Of Love”  and this mix has never been officially released.

Throughout the 1970s, Pablo was an on-again/off-again member of the Soul Syndicate band, the greatest studio session band of the decade.  He played on studio sessions for some of the greatest roots reggae albums to emerge during this period, and even performed live gigs all over the island.

Here is what my good friend Jerry Stein has to say about this tune:

“That track exists on Zero’s “Visions of Love” album, perhaps mixed slightly differently. I put up the seed money for that album which brought it through production at Channel 1…was supposed to 1) get that money back first 2) have the master tapes in my possession 3) receive 25% of profits NONE of these contractual items were ever fulfilled. I still have the original contract. I think it was the best album that Zero ever made. Everyone that knows me for a long time, knows the truth behind that rip-off. Doug and Roger included. But I still love the album as if that didn’t happen and I’m grateful that people had a chance to hear that great combination of musicians and the powerful songwriting and singing of Earl. Jeff Roth took the picture that was used for the album cover! At the time of filming Pablo and Mundell, we did an interview with Hugh in the same location where “Nature Provides” and “In the Hills” were recorded.