Here is a fantastic mix of Scientist dub tracks selected by the wizard himself.  He did a selections mix for Red Bull Music Academy last year.  Hopeton Overton Brown AKA Scientist was King Tubby’s apprentice and hand-selected successor to the Tubbys throne.  He engineered at three of the premier studios in Jamaica – King Tubbys, Channel One, and Tuff Gong – before moving to the US The program contains his favorite selections with commentary from Scientist throughout.  A very interesting and enlightening listen.

For me, Scientist is one of the most important and influential engineers/producers to emerge from Jamaica.  Unlike many of the musicians and artists he worked with, Brown was raised in a middle class family, his father a television repair man.  By the age of fourteen Brown could take apart and put back together almost any amplifier or television.  This unique understanding of how electronics function served him well in his career.

He and the Roots Radics, along with Sly & Robbie, created the post-Marley sound of reggae.  It is a sound that I most closely identify with because it was the reigning sound when I began listening to reggae.  It is a sound and vibe often imitated but never duplicated.

For some of my Scientist selections, check my Roots Radics Meets Barrington Levy mix HERE!

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    1 Steppers Dub Scientist JB
    2 Laser Attack Scientist Greensleeves
    3 Collie Weed Barrington Levy Roots From The Yard
    4 Kingdom Dub Scientist Kingdom
    5 Disciple Dub Scientist Kingdom
    6 Dance Of The Vampires Scientist Greensleeves
    7 Dematerialize Scientist Greensleeves
    8 S.O.S. Scientist Greensleeves
    9 Landing Scientist Starlight
    10 Dark Side Scientist Starlight
    11 Music Gonna Teach Bob Marley And The Wailers RAS
    12 Ten Dangerous Matches Part 5 Scientist Greensleeves
    13 Miss Know It All Scientist Burning Sounds
    14 People’s Choice, The Lion Scientist Kingdom
    15 Raw Dub Scientist Kingdom
    16 Dog Money Dub Scientist vs. Asbo Tectonic
    17 U Dub Part 2 Scientist vs. King Midas Sound Tectonic

Flabba, Roy Cousins, Scientist at Channel One Photo by Pekka Vuorinen (previously unreleased)
Flabba, Roy Cousins, Scientist at Channel One
Photo by Pekka Vuorinen (previously unreleased)

Big up Red Bull Music Academy for all of their outstanding programming…