The night “Rockers Arena” bats lead, Bunny Sings The Wailers debuts, Derrick’s lengthy “Lollipop Girl” unreels, Robbie & Mao “Hold Me Tight” like nobody’s business, Rockers get traces, and importantly The Rastafarians new debut album is ready and they are on the way to the San Rafael radio studio from Santa Cruz several hours south. John Blackwood has just published “The Rastafari Handbook” on Kariba Press and Doug reads from its intro for part of his. What is Rasta? It’s all inside this Midnight Dread radio-active reggae rink.




Ace and echo-able Chicago-based harmonica player Jimmy Becker adds another layer to the psyche-your-delic train Derrick Harriott’s engineering along with The Tamlins and Bionic Steve. Midnight Dread adds dread bits galore to the Arena & Pop footlongs like a fourth of July boomshot display. The Wailers “Rastaman Chant” joins Bunny’s “Rastaman” for the rootical foundation before a Rudie interruption gets Lollipopped and we hold tight to our radio receptacles for Blackbeard & The Beat tuning, in, turning out, dropping out-side the pop box. Vision Walker from the Wailers joins Satta Crucial’s Rastafarians to complete the circle of foundation. Jah guides us back to earth.




The Rastafarians arrive just as Part One runs out of room and their new song “Seek H.I.M.” premiers. Haile Maskel, Wolde Manfesskiddus, Binghi, Herb Daly, Vision, Tony Moses, Elias Negash, & Gary Smith are immortalized on vinyl album at last. Part Two with more of their debut and now much sought after and revered classic ORTHODOX along with the full KTIM 1981 interview will soon come more time. Freshly digitized, mastered and made available for the first time since the original airing, Midnight Dread #54A. 1981 is looking up.



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