As reported in the Jamaica Observer…


THE musical, Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, written by the reggae legend’s daughter, Cedella, opens at the New Victory Theater in New York on February 7, one day after what would have been his 69th birthday.

“This is going to be the best birthday ever for Dad,” Marley told the Speakeasy magazine. “There will be a lot of children around celebrating.”

The musical is based on Marley’s children’s book, Three Little Birds which she says was inspired by her three sons.

“That was the song that could put them to bed at night and wake them up in the mornings,” she said. “My middle son was getting bullied at school. He would come home crazy sad and I would hum the song to him.”

The Three Little Birds musical originated in Washington, DC, last year, and Marley remembers bringing her children to opening night.


“To see the little children in the audience singing along — I thought maybe they would know 1-2 songs, but they knew so many,” she said “I was like, ‘wait a minute!’ They were singing ‘One love’.”

In addition, the musical includes the title song Jamming, Roots Rock Reggae, I Shot the Sheriff and Is This Love.

The show will play at the New Victory until February 23.


I took my 6-year old son to see the play when it premiered in DC in 2013.  READ what I had to say…