1.  The Heptones hit single “Fatty, Fatty,” while banned in Jamaica, became a huge hit in England.  However, since Ken Boothe was Studio One’s “golden child,” Coxsone issued the UK 7″ under his name.  The British fans never knew it was The Heptones’ song.

2. An accomplished guitar player, Heptones lead singer Leroy Sibbles also played bass in the Studio One house band for some time.  His first live gig as bassist for the band came only one day after picking up the bass guitar for the first time.

3. While playing bass with Studio One, Sibbles did the musical arrangements for the smash hits “Satta Amassagana” and “Queen of the Minstrels.”

4.  Sibbles learned guitar from a Rasta named “Huntley.”  Sibbles has been a Rastafarian his entire life.

5.  Heptones founding member Earl Morgan came up with the name for the group.  Hep – meaning hip or cool.  Tones – meaning music.  Heptones.  Cool music.

This Heptones tune deserves its own post.  What a song….Quite possibly their best.
“Mama say, we can’t go to school today,
there’s a hole, in the roof
got to make it water proof”