1976 proved to be a defining year for Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. A deal with Island Records meant that his 3 albums and a dozen singles received the marketing and promotion from the coolest label in the mainstream UK/US markets. Perry himself was in creative overdrive: he used Island’s advances to buy the latest studio technology for the young Black Ark Studio which enabled him to continually develop his production signatures.

Now, some 37 years later, Pressure Sounds’ Roaring Lion collection delivers unknown tunes and mixes from that crucial year. Sixteen tracks of thunderous mixing by the Upsetter at his very best. Eleven of the tracks come from one master tape that has been laying on a shelf for 30 odd years. The other 5 tracks are made up of dub plates and alternate takes of previously released tracks.

Roaring Lion offers a unique snap-shot of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s creative vibrations as producer and re-mixer, to the rising cultural religion of Rasta. The Black Ark was truly peaking in the red as he revved himself to full throttle and created some of the finest work of his unparalleled career.

Featured on the album is an unreleased Augustus Pablo collaboration titled “Pride” as well as the original dub plate mix for Bob Marley’s “Natural Mystic.”

Lee Perry And His Upsetters Roaring Lion Track Listing:

 1. Truths and Rights – Jah Lion & The Upsetters (previously unreleased)
2. Upsetters Shuffle – The Upsetters (unreleased Dub plate mix)
3. Roaring Lion – Jah Lion & The Upsetters (previously unreleased)
4. Pride – Augustus Pablo and the Upsetters (previously unreleased)
5. Loco Negril – Althea and Donna
6. Big Gal Sally – The Upsetters (unreleased mix)
7. Generation From Creation – Jah Lion & The Upsetters (previously unreleased)
8. Big Boy Wally – The Upsetters (unreleased mix)
9. Beat Down Comrade Man – Junior Byles & The Upsetters (previously unreleased Dub plate)
10. Stand and Look – The Fantels (unreleased mix)
11. Rocky Road Dub – The Upsetters (previously unreleased)
12. Natural Mystic – Bob Marley & The Upsetters (unreleased original Upsetter Dub plate Mix)
13. Anasawa Dub – The Upsetters (unreleased mix)
14. Dub Dyon – The Upsetters (unreleased mix)
15. Emotional Dub – The Upsetters (unreleased mix)
16. Dub Stand – The Upsetters (unreleased mix)