Thanksgiving 1980. Thatcher & Reagan gear up their voodoo pon economy & society as they gleefully prime the greed pump. Kiss a strong middle class goodbye. System cream them. Media go off topic & stay there. Classic conscious progressive roots reggae stands firm. By 2013 working poor sufferers offer insight into what it’s like to be a human cork that finds itself in an economic dysfunctional whirlpool where those on top can’t muster the willpower to control themselves or even toss a life saver. Midnight Dread does lifeline though & never stops. This freshly digitized unheard since original broadcast fires off many new releases beginning with Zap Pow’s adept admonition “Be Cool” and its dub “Cooler Cool”:


Listen up for a radio mix of “Draw Your Brakes” plus Gregory’s “Slave Driver”, The Selecter’s “Train To Skaville” re-up, The Ovations & Mikey Dread’s massive “Shy Girl” & Bobby Floyd’s cover of the Sam Cooke chestnut “You Send Me” backbeated into super shape. After the Reggae Beat Calendar tells of upcoming local San Francisco Bay Area shows with The Mighty Diamonds, Joe Higgs, Earl Zero & others The Diamond’s latest 45 paves the airwaves with “Don’t Want War” which starts a set of hunger pangs for communion & food including Tetrack & A. Pablo’s “Let’s Get Together / Black Ants Lane Dub” JA footlong before there’s a “Belly Full” of chuckin’ to Jah music with Bob, I-3s, & Wailers leading into Familyman-plays-all-instruments productions like Nadine Sutherland’s “Hungry Dub” & Fam’s JUVENILE DELINQUENT Clappers lp featuring Sena’s “Natural Woman”:


A hungry man is an angry man so dance to Jah music. The Gladiators also know all about the “Ease Squeeze”. The I Threes’ new single “Precious World” spins hope before Rocking Horse hard-knocks I & I up with their five star skank “Hard Time” which Toots amens with the anthemic Maytals masterpiece “Time Tough”. Plus Don Drummond, Roy Shirley, Slim Smith, The Uniques, & LKJ – just another set of mindful sufferahs speaking uncomfortable truths to the commoners & the compliant complacent whose bank accounts & protruding stomachs are always…


33 years ahead Midnight Dread gives thanks. Reggae gives the people what they want. Blessings up.

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