Hugh Mundell’s “Rastafari’s Call” is a deep roots killer produced by Mundell and Pablo for Mundell’s Muni-Music label.  The single appears on 1980’s Time and Place LP, which was recorded at Channel One and mixed by Scientist, Tubby, Maxie, and Sylvan Morris at King Tubbys.  The Muni-Music 7″ single is noteworthy because the mix is different from the LP version. The LP version features backing vocals from Norris Reid, Hugh Mundell and Delroy Williams. The Muni-Music 7″ features no backing vocals.

The riddim track is as deep, rootsy, and complex as anything Mundell ever released and features the following players:

Vocals : Hugh Mundell
Backing Vocals : Norris Reid & Hugh Mundell & Delroy Williams
Drums : Horsemouth Wallace & Santa Davis & Albert Malawi & Clevie
Bass : Michael Taylor & Fully Fullwood & Junior Dan
Lead Guitar : Chinna & Sowell & Dalton Brownie & Freddie McGregor
Rhythm Guitar : Fazal Prendergast & Tony Chin
Piano : Steele
Organ : Pablove Black
Flute : Theodore Benji
Horns : Deadly Headly
Percussions : Garth Swaby & Scully Simms
Strings : Augustus Pablo
Syndrums : Hugh Mundell
Xylophone : Augustus Pablo
Melodica : Augustus Pablo
Congos : Ras Menilik Dacosta

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