1979.  Black Uhuru, now a trio featuring Michael Rose, Duckie Simpson, and Errol Wilson, recorded “Rent Man” and “Wood For My Fire” for Dennis Brown’s DEB label in 1980.  These sessions were Michael’s very first with Uhuru.  An album with DEB was planned but never recorded.  The trio instead emerged with the “Observe Life” single and the Sinsemilla album, their Island/Mango debut, in July 1980.  The B-side version of “Rent Man” features melodica throughout the track.  The single had several different versions depending on which 7″ you purchased.  It has been long-rumored that it is Augustus Pablo playing melodica on the track, however, I find this highly unlikely.  It is most likely a member of the DEB Music Players on melodica here.


Junior Delgado is a relative unknown when he signs to the DEB label in 1975.  His first single for the label, the Earl “Chinna” Smith-produced “Tiction” made him a household name in Jamaica.  He recorded this Heptones cover in 1977.


Here is Dennis Brown’s “Want To Be No General” 7″ with an absolutely murderous version.  Do not miss the version!  Released on the DEB Music label in 1980.


And included here is an interesting feature on Junior Delgado from Black Echoes Magazine…