I am right now working diligently on my Hugh Mundell piece which is titled Great Tribulation: The Life and Times of Hugh Mundell.  It is a story in four parts and includes interviews with Steve Barrow, Jerry Stein, Roger Steffens, David Rodigan, and more.  It is the most definitive thing ever written about Mundell.

Also, I’m working on the U-Brown interview which should be posted by the weekend.

Until then, here is a great show featuring Augustus Pablo, Delroy Williams, and the Rockers All-Stars coming to you live and direct from New Haven, CT 1985.

Because Pablo used the same riddims over and over, giving them different little nuances and a different title, there is no reliable setlist for this set, you can clearly hear Pablo playing “Java” and “Africa Must Be Free.”  Also, Delroy Williams performs some very rare Pablo compositions including “Idren Feel Nice” and “Foxhole.”  You can download the show HERE.

Many thanks to my friend Jerry Stein for the photo.  That is Stein speaking with Pablo in the photo circa 1978/79 during the filming of ‘Word, Sound, and Power.’

Jerry Stein & Augustus Pablo
Jerry Stein & Augustus Pablo