Long before Freddie McGregor was crooning lovers rock standards he was one of the hardest and heaviest Rastas in the game.  Just listen to several of his early albums like ‘Bobby Bobylon,’ ‘Mr. McGregor,’ and ‘Come On Over’ and you will be astounded by his sound and vibe.  This is not the Freddie Mcgregor we have all become accustomed to.  It’s Freddie like you’ve never heard him before.

In 1963 Freddie McGregor joined with Ernest Wilson and Peter Austin to form The Clarendonians, and began to record for the Studio One label. He was only seven years old at the time and was known as ‘Little Freddie’.  McGregor worked with producer Niney the Observer during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

In 1975, McGregor converted to Rastafari, which had a profound impact on his music.  He is a member of the Twelve Tribes organization.

His popularity soared in the early 1980s with the release of ‘Bobby Bobylon’. Other popular hits of McGregor’s include “Big Ship”, “Push Comes to Shove”, “Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely” and “I Was Born a Winner”; as well as cover versions of many early reggae standards. He has also worked with producers Junjo Lawes, Linval Thompson, and Gussie Clarke. McGregor has also toured extensively for many years. He secured a licensing agreement with RAS Records in U.S. and released Come On Over in 1983 and in 1989, he inaugurated his own Big Ship label.

Rastaman Camp
Peaceful Man
Big Ship
Big Ship (Version)
Shirley Come Over
We Got Love
Apple Of My Eye
Walls Of Jericho
 Jah Can Count On I
All In The Same Boat
Rhythm So Nice
Jah Is The Don
Natty Dread
I Am A Revolutionist
Rasta Have Faith
Chant It Down
War Mongers
Out Of The Valley
Across The Border
I Man A Rasta