Here is a great show that was recently seeded to by my man chico.  Ini Kamoze is one of the bright shining stars of 1980s reggae.  Part of Sly & Robbie’s Taxi crew, he decimates the stage at LA’s Music Machine during this live performance.  Also included with the download is a 7-song opening set by the mighty High Times Players.  Enjoy!

Many thanks to Chico for sharing this rare piece of reggae history.

Also included here is an article on the artist from Black Echoes Magazine March 10, 1984.


1. Ini Kamoze – Statement
2. Ini Kamoze – General
3. Ini Kamoze – Trouble you a trouble me
4. Ini Kamoze – Call a Taxi
5. Ini Kamoze – Settle with me
6. Ini Kamoze – Babylon Babylon
7. MC – Roger Steffens
8. Ini Kamoze – World a Music
9. MC – Roger Steffens